How are you today and tell us a little bit about your website?

I’m doing well, hope this finds you the same. My site, www.poormanskitchen.com, is for my business, Poor Man’s Kitchen. At the moment I specialize in flavored simple syrups for use in beverages and food. The site itself is very slick, put together by the awesome team at PC Med Center. I let them work their magic and am extremely happy with the end result.

When and how did you find out about FoxyCart and/or FoxyPress?

When it came time to build a shopping cart into the site, my developer suggested FoxyCart, as he has used it in the past, and I trusted his judgement.

Did you look at or try previously any other shopping cart solutions?

We looked at some other carts just to compare, but as he has previous experience using FoxyCart, it only made sense to incorporate it into my site.

What have you liked the most about using FoxyPress? 

The integration was seamless and the interface is very user friendly. Customer support has been great as well.

Is there anything that you wish FoxyPress was capable of to make your eCommerce experience easier as a seller or your customer’s perspective?

Shipping has been a nightmare. Can you ship? Like physically transport my items, cause I’d like that.

Would you recommend FoxyPress to friends or other businesses?