How are you today and tell us a little bit about your website?

My website is an online store and blog highlighting different products that I carry that make a difference in the world somehow. I have information on how I got started and the mission of Paisley Print Boutique, information on how to do trunk shows through me as well as information on the different organizations I work with.

When and how did you find out about FoxyCart and/or FoxyPress?

I found out about FoxyCart and FoxyPress last fall via Gary Flavin.

Did you look at or try previously any other shopping cart solutions?

I only briefly looked at a couple other options but nothing to in depth.

What have you liked the most about using FoxyPress?

It is so easy to use. Some of the things take a little figuring out but as a whole it has been very easy. Each item I sell is different yet it doesn’t take forever to set things up. I can list a product within a few minutes. I also love how setting up categories is insanely easy and moving around the products I list is as simple as a drag and drop.

I recently added clothing to my boutique and adding sizes was far easier than I could have imagined. It looks professional on my site and is easy to maintain.

Is there anything that you wish FoxyPress was capable of to make your eCommerce experience easier as a seller or your customer’s perspective?

None that I can think of as of now. Gary and Adam have been able to show me how to do most things I have wanted to do.

Would you recommend FoxyPress to friends or other businesses?