How are you today and tell us a little bit about your website?

As a winery and vineyard, we use our website as an informational hub as well as an online store to sell our wines and farm products.

When and how did you find out about FoxyCart and/or FoxyPress?

We found out about FoxyCart from our web developer (7th Pixel). I’m not sure when that was anymore (summer of 2011).

Did you look at or try previously any other shopping cart solutions?

We did not but I’m guessing our web developer had with other clients (X-Cart, eCommerce templates, ShopSite, CubeCart, osCommerce, AbleCommerce).

What have you liked the most about using FoxyPress?

It has a nice user interface, and is very attractive. It is also fairly easy to add products and change variables. (the flexibility and the fact that it supports FoxyCart – the strong selling point here is the SaaS approach of transaction processing and FoxyPress makes it easy to access this using WordPress).

Is there anything that you wish FoxyPress was capable of to make your eCommerce experience easier as a seller or your customer’s perspective?

I wish it was integrated with our Credit Card Processing more seamlessly, as well as with our inventory, kept in Quickbooks POS. (More visual layout tools – like drag and drop capability – especially for product layouts, category pages, etc…)

Would you recommend FoxyPress to friends or other businesses?

Yes -as long as you have someone tech savvy to help you with it. (Yes)