How are you today and tell us a little bit about your website?

I’m great! is a website dedicated to helping people sneak their own alcohol and wine on cruise vacations.  I love going on vacation (who doesn’t!?!) and I love cruises. After racking up quite a substantial bar tab on a weeklong cruise, I figured there had to be a better way. is really focused on a great shopping experience, and most of all having fun and people sharing their high seas smuggling experiences!  Gratuitous plug here… check us out on instagram /boozebuddy and twitter @realboozebuddy

When and how did you find out about FoxyCart and/or FoxyPress?

I found out about FoxyCart and FoxyPress after much research a few years ago.  I emailed a question to the team at FoxyPress and got a super fast and intelligent response.  Support like that is very important to me, so ever since than I have been using FoxyPress for all my projects.

Did you look at or try previously any other shopping cart solutions?

I’ve tried some carts here and there, but nothing serious… mostly just “trial periods” and never any real development.  FoxyPress is my first and only true love.

What have you liked the most about using FoxyPress?

The support is fantastic first and foremost.  Also, there are so many features built in and it’s consistently being upgraded.  It’s really a great system.

Is there anything that you wish FoxyPress was capable of to make your eCommerce experience easier as a seller or your customer’s perspective?

The amount of features can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie so maybe a “slim” version might be nice.  Also, if you’re not a developer or not working with a developer, it might not be for you.  When it’s all setup I think the experience from the shopper’s point of view is second to none.

Would you recommend FoxyPress to friends or other businesses?

Sure would :)