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Greetings FoxyPress users! You haven’t heard from us in quite a while and figured you needed an update! Due to some changes in the staff at WebMovement and FoxyPress, we’ve had some internal projects going on with FoxyPress that have allowed us to enhance it quite a bit. We haven’t pushed those changes in this […]


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Greetings FoxyPress users! This update comes to you with alot of information, so please read on… Security Fix Security is a big issue for any website and especially for eCommerce sites. We were alerted last week of a security flaw with Uploadify by the WordPress team. Uploadify is used for several things within FoxyPress (Affiliate Avatars, Affiliate […]

FoxyPress Available

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Greetings FoxyPress Users, The plugin is available again from the repo.  We would urge you to upgrade as soon as possible.  We had alot of help from Scott @wordpress.  Great suggestions on how to patch the security bug as well as perform some changes to portions of FoxyPress to make it  work better for more […]

FoxyPress fixing…

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Greetings FoxyPress users, Right now we’re working through a bug with uploadify that was brought to our attention by WordPress. We should have it fixed today and available for download. We will notify you when you can download the patch and will suggest you do so. Thanks for your patience! FoxyPress Team

FoxyPress 0.4.2

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Greetings FoxyPress users!  This release was suppose to go out last week when I was visiting FoxyCart’s California office, but due to the holidays and some additionally awesome things, it was delayed.  However, we now bring you some awesome new functionality for Affiliate Management, as well as a brand new theme! Modern Theme The Modern […]

FoxyPress 0.4.1

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We’re excited to bring you another FoxyPress update! This one has some cool stuff in it! Let’s dive in… New Forum and Knowledge Base We realize that the old forum has quite a few helpful topics in it, but we were lacking a good way to produce articles on how to use FoxyPress, not to […]

FoxyPress 0.4.0

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They have arrived….FoxyPress Themes! We’re extremely proud to present to you our first two FoxyPress themes. We’ve created a theme panel that allows you to control the look and feel of these themes with ease.  We are planning on updating all of the themes with new functionality as we can. The updates will be pushed […]


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We’ve released this patch to address a few critical items, as well as some that were just brought to our attention by users.  Please upgrade as soon as possible for best use of the plug-in.  Here are the release notes: * Bugfix: The datafeed was corrected so that the new feature to push orders automatically […]

FoxyPress 0.3.8

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Happy Monday FoxyPress users! Nothing like starting your week with a fresh FoxyPress release!  Thanks to some great FoxyPress users, we’ve been able to add two really cool features to the FoxyPress plug-in that will help out everyone. Please let us know if you have any questions in the forum. Now on to the info! […]


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We have a small release available for you all. The main feature that we added is the ability to set the hour and minute in addition to the start and end date for sales and product availability.  We were requested to have this done by a user who’s store will need to have product availability […]