Need help installing FoxyPress on a multi-site?  Go to the installation instructions here.

The new multi-site capabilities for FoxyPress give you various ways to run a store, or better yet, a network of stores.  For those new to WordPress Multi-sites, take a look at the documentation they offer. Combining the functionality of FoxyPress and WordPress Multi-sites, allows you to create one main store, and either automate the addition of additional sites with FoxyPress installed via the user registration form, or you can manually create the sites through the Network Admin menu.

If you plan on using FoxyPress in a multi-site environment, install FoxyPress in the network admin using the network activate. You will want to mark a site as the ‘main’ site in the FoxyPress settings once activated. This will allow you to view orders not only from your main store, but also from the sub sites on your network. We made FoxyPress with the intent to run all purchases through your one store domain, so the API key and store domain will be copied down to all sites on your network.  In the future, we will upgrade FoxyPress to allow the main site admin to choose what the sub site credentials are.  We will keep you updated.

*We should bring up one important note with multiple stores on your network.  In order to filter subscriptions correctly, you must be using FoxyCart Store Version 0.7.2 due to new enhancements in subscription storage in the FoxyCart API.  FoxyCart 0.7.2 is in Public BETA.