FoxyPress has a large variety of different options available to let you offer your customers the best product, as well as set specific attributes that will help you out as a developer customizing a store’s look, feel, and functionality. Here is a list of all the different item attributes you can set and what some common questions and uses are for them.  For a more detailed list of questions, please visit our FAQ page in case we didn’t cover something here.

Product Details

Some of the basic product details you should be entering for your products are the product code, commonly used for SKUs, product name, the category(s) your product is in, a description, and at least one image.  Everything else is optional for saving your new product.  There are many options available that we will cover as you view this entire page.

Product Options

Have several shirt sizes or colors? Maybe one costs more than the other?  Well, setting up options couldn’t be easier.  Simply manage all the main option groups you’d like to have for your store, and then apply them to your product.  You can control the following aspects: name, value, group, additional cost of this option* , additional weight*, unique code, quantity (amount available).

You can re-order your product options in any arrangement so that they appear correctly on your product and in the order you want your customers to see them.

Inventory levels can be set on the product options level, but keep in mind that you must assign a unique code to them before the quantity level will be “activated”.  This option code is used in the code behind to keep track of the inventory levels as your customers purchase your products.

*based on the main product detail

Product Quantity and Inventory levels

There are three types of quantities you can enter for a product.  Quantity available, minimum quantity and maximum quantity.  Quantity available is what you will want to fill out at a minimum if you have your data feed turned on, to learn how go here, for inventory level management. This is the value that will be decremented as customers purchase products in your store.  You can optionally set the min/max quantity available that can be purchased in a single order.  The customer will not be able to purchase more/less than what these values are set to.  Note that the min/max values will be disregarded should the main quantity available be less than either of these.

Product Categories

Categories in FoxyPress will need to be duplicated on the FoxyCart side on this page.  There are a number of things that you can do inside FoxyCart with categories that you can read about on their website, and we will tell you a few of the ones you can do within FoxyPress right here. We’ve allowed you to upload a custom image for your categories for front end display. Sorting your inventory by category is as easy as dragging and dropping the products into place.  Simply go to the Manage Categories page in FoxyPress and click on sort inventory items. Feel free to put your product in several categories in case you need to set specific shipping options in FoxyCart.

Sale Pricing

Running a sale is as easy as setting the sale price on the product.  If you’d like to run a sale from the 1st of the month for two weeks, simply fill out the start and end date accordingly with the sale price.  FoxyPress will automatically change the price of your item during this time period automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.


There are several different types of images you can upload for your product. An unlimited amount of main images can be uploaded through the Media Uploader that is built right into WordPress.  That’s right, if you have media from before you used FoxyPress, you don’t need to re-upload!

These images can also be displayed through calling API functions or shortcode usage (read more here). When used via shortcode method, you can select how you’d like them to display and function on the Manage Settings page of FoxyPress.  We’ve coded 3 ways to view the additional images by default: Lightbox, Colorbox, or simply swapping the photo in it’s current position.  Change this setting and see what fits your store the best.


There is quite a bit you can do with subscriptions and we decided to create a dedicated page so that you can use this feature to it’s fullest.


FoxyCart has quite the documentation on discounts.  We’d suggest reading it on their site for the most up to date information.  It is possible to implement any of these discount types within FoxyPress. We’ve provided the necessary input areas to accomplish anything on that you read on the FoxyCart site.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes on every product allow for extensive development for product viewing.  These attributes are stored as name/value pairs.  Please see the example product presentations page for different ways to display your products with style!