FoxyPress allows you to manage email templates that you can send out with each individual order.  These emails can contain information that is specific to a product, or maybe you want to send a follow up to see how a product is working for your customer.

We have included most of the typical placeholders that you would find on a FoxyCart datafeed result.  Check these fields here.  The full list of supported fields is in the new Manage Emails page as well.

Another core feature of the email template is the ability to add custom fields.  You can input a custom field such as, {{custom_field_myfieldvalue}}.  When you use these fields, the only requirement is that you make sure they all contain custom_field_ and then your field name.

Using the template is simple.  Click on order management and navigate to a particular transaction.  You will then be presented with a drop down of email templates that you’ve created. Choose the template you’d like to send, then click ‘OK’.  You will be presented with a preview of the email, then you can send.  Should you have input any custom fields in your template, you will be able to fill in the values at that point.

New: We’ve added the ability to set these templates to trigger on an order purchase, not only on order management manually.  You will find the information in the extra product details of your product screen.  Simply set the trigger to active and choose your template.  It will trigger and send as necessary. One thing to note is that custom_field’s will not work since you have to input this information at the time of sending. All other placeholder tags will work.

Make sure you stop by the Demo Store and login to see this functionality.  The username/password is demo/demo.  If you want to test out the process of sending a custom email from a template, purchase an item in the store using your email address, then go to the admin and send an email for your order, after syncing if necessary.

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