FoxyPress allows you to manage affiliates that can promote your store, all within WordPress!
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Affiliate Management Basics

Within FoxyPress, we’ve added a new menu item called “Affiliate Management”.  From here, you are presented with a list of your approved/pending affiliates for your WordPress store.  This main grid will allow you to quickly view and sort your affiliates by username, clicks, total commission, and total transactions.

Affiliate Management Details

When we “View Details” of an affiliate, we are presented with their quick statistics, as well as a grid of their open and paid orders.  You can sort this grid of details similarly to the main grid of affiliates.  When hovering over an order ID, the option to pay the affiliate or view the order detail, are both clickable options.  Viewing the order details will link to the order as you’d see it in the Order Management screens that already exist in FoxyPress.

The ability to assign an avatar for your affiliate is available. We will be creating API methods shortly so that you can query this information easily and effectively.

The ability to set a discount for products when your store is visiting through certain affiliate links is possible, by checking the check box and entering a percentage or dollar amount for this specific purpose.  This is useful if you provide a kickback to affiliates, as well as a discount overall for customers of that affiliate.

Affiliate Payments

FoxyPress Affiliate Management allows you to keep track of the orders you’ve paid for, when you paid them, and by which means (PayPal/Check for now).  Affiliate’s can be paid on a percentage basis, or on a dollar amount basis per transaction.

We plan on expanding this area for better management as requests come in.  Please consider requesting features in the forum and/or donating to this cause if you find this functionality useful.

User Facing Affiliate Information

We’ve added the ability to allow users that sign up for your website to view an Affiliate Signup form that will mark them as a Pending Affiliate in your main administration area upon completion.  Expect to see some tutorials and documentation on how to customize this area/form and the ability to put a form on the front facing website.  More to come! Don’t forget to view the screen shots here.

Functionality Notes

A user is given a URL that is similar to this when they are approved as an affiliate of your store.

One thing that is important about this is that you can append an additional parameter onto the link to direct your users to a specific product or page.  For example:

This would direct the user straight to the demo store that is created, otherwise, they would simply be directed to the home page.

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