We have some love for a few specific WordPress plugins and jQuery tools that we’d suggest giving a try!  We wouldn’t give you the low-down on them if we didn’t use them ourselves, so check out the portfolio on WebMovement, LLC for some WordPress sites we’ve created that utilize a few of these.

All in One SEO

This is a great SEO plugin, among many others, but we’ve decided to rep it simply because it is so easy to integrate with FoxyPress and WordPress in general.  When you install this, you will be able to go to the All in One SEO settings page and choose to have custom post types enabled, specifically choosing foxypress_product.  This will allow you to put specific titles, descriptions, and keywords on your FoxyPress products for ultimate SEO advantages.  Get it here or visit their site.


Users were requesting the ability to allow product ratings, so we’ve decided to use this plugin to do so.  You can use any plugin you want, but we found this one to be the simplest.  One line of code in your custom product template and you’re good to go.  Make sure you grab their plugin here, or visit the website. We will include it in the shortcode output if you have the plugin installed soon, but for now, here is the line you will need.

if(function_exists('the_ratings')) { the_ratings(); }

Magic Fields

We use this plugin on almost every website we develop because it is simply magical.  When we need to allow our clients to update various custom portions of their site, whether it be a photo slider, or a chunk of content outside of the main Word Press WYSIWYG editor window, this does the job. Magic Fields offers up to 15 types of custom fields (images/text/radio buttons/etc). Check out their main website here, or grab it from the WordPress  repository today.


This is a jQuery slider that we’ve used for many sites as it has a massive amount of flexibility and documentation.  Team this jQuery slider up with Magic Fields in a custom page template and you have yourself an easy to update slider for a variety of content.  It’s really up to you!  Don’t forget you can combine our API using a custom product template with SlidesJS to create something similar to our featured products seen here.  Check out the SlidesJS main website here.

Widget Logic

This plugin is a fantastic addition to your WordPress site if you use the same page template for multiple pages but want to separate your content accordingly.  Instead of writing custom logic for such a thing, this plugin has you covered. Check out Widget Logic’s main website here for any questions you have, or simply download it from the WordPress repository now.

Useful Web Tools

We’ve been listed on this extremely helpful web directory of development tools and plugins.  Please check it out and see how it can help you with your next project.

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