FoxyPress 0.4.6

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Greetings FoxyPress Users,

We’ve added two new features and one bugfix to FoxyPress in this version. Check out the change log here.

  • Bugfix: Prevent users from adding a product with options to their cart without selecting an option.
  • Feature: Custom Order allows admin to create an order on behalf of a customer.
  • Feature: Compatibility with FoxyCart 2.0

Beginning with the bugfix, previously users could add a product to the cart without selecting an option from an option group. For products whose price was determined depending on what option was chosen, previously customers could add a price-less product to their cart. This has now been resolved by displaying a #foxypress-errors message.


We’ve added the ability for administrators to begin a custom order for a user. Products are pulled from the database and can be added to the cart in this custom form on the admin panel.



Secondly, FoxyPress 0.4.6 is compatible with FoxyCart’s new 2.0 release. You can read more about it and its features here if you have or are looking into upgrading your store to a FC 2.0 store.


Our Knowledge Base has also been updated with some new tutorials

  • foxypress_SearchProducts – How to setup a search page on a page template or add into your site
  • foxypress_GetRelatedItems – Show a product’s related items
  • foxypress_GetUserTransaction – Retrieve and show a customer’s transactions

We’ve been receiving more requests in our UserVoice forum for new features and we’re listening to your voice! Make sure you give us your idea!

Thanks for using FoxyPress!Greetings FoxyPress Users,

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