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Greetings FoxyPress Users,

We’ve addressed the latest WP Media Uploader issues everyone was having for inventory images.  The new FoxyPress image upload area ties into your Media library and allows you to select your image for use on multiple products. We think it’s a great fix for all of our users that have had image issues since the last WP update. Let us know what you think. Here’s a peek at it before you download.

foxypress_media_manager foxypress_media_manager2

We do suggest regular backups of your WP installations before any upgrade, but we have accounted for your old media as well in this update. We attach all media you once had into the new system. So no media will be lost…but a backup is never a bad idea :)

We’ve been receiving more requests in our UserVoice forum for new features and we’re listening to your voice! Make sure you give us your idea!

Thanks for using FoxyPress!

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