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Greetings FoxyPress Users,

We’ve modified the plugin in a few areas, but added a cool new feature. We found the Easy Zoom Image jQuery library and decided to offer it as an option in addition to Colorbox or the simple image change. Your WP 2013 theme can look like this right after downloading FoxyPress and configuring a few simple things.


Lastly, here is the changelog

  • Update: We fixed a couple of places we had “wp-content” hard coded. This was hindering certain security plugins from working.
  • Bugfix: Validation for adding items with options where many products exist on a single page was not functioning. Single product view was fine.
  • Bugfix: Ajax file for status management had some concatenation issues regarding line breaks.

Thanks for using FoxyPress and don’t forget to inquire in our forum with any questions you might have.

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