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Greetings FoxyPress Users, We’ve added two features to FoxyPress in this version. Check out the change log here. Feature: Related Items can be assigned to each product and displayed via the related items shortcode (see FoxyPress dialog button in WYSIWYG editor) or the foxypress_GetRelatedItems PHP helper function Feature: Attaching digital downloads to a product is […]

Thesis Tips and Tricks

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Greetings User! We have had users let us know that the single product view while using Thesis was hard to modify and style to match the rest of their site, so we did some research and came up with the following steps.  These steps are what we’ve found to be the best way to use […]

Product Add Ons with FoxyPress

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Today I wanted to give some insight to product add-ons or upselling, whatever you’d like to call it.  We’ve done it two ways for clients thus far, so I thought I’d share these two approaches with you. Approach #1: Embedding the products in your cart template You can create a page that will be the […]

FoxyPress Demo Store Released

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We now have a demo store available to you to log-in to and play around with all the functionality that FoxyPress offers.  We ask that you be respectful of this open access we’ve provided and want to make you aware that this environment refreshes throughout the day to make sure everything is up and running the way […]

Magic Fields 2 + FoxyPress…E-Commerce Magic!

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Magic Fields just got better with their new release…and as a result, so did FoxyPress!  Magic Fields 2 is a new plugin based on the older Magic Fields that allows you to create custom fields and groups of fields onto custom posts, pages, and post types.  Since FoxyPress products are stored as custom post types, […]

Tutorial: Creating Category Pages

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Today I’d like to guide you through creating product category pages.  These are not automatically generated by FoxyPress.  We’ve found that most of our users prefer to create these pages on their own, with some guidance of course, so that they can apply as much custom functionality as they’d like.  Several different methods for completing […]

Tutorial: Creating a Custom Product Template

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Yesterday we learned how to print out products into a slider so you can click into the product page, but didn’t really explain how the product page itself is created.  There are two approaches you can take when creating your FoxyPress store. Use the built in functionality delivered with FoxyPress.  This approach will allow you […]

Tutorial: Basic API Usage and Slider

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In this tutorial, I wanted to bring together some basic FoxyPress API examples and SlidesJS, which is a free jQuery slider developed by Nathan Searles.  I use this slider for many websites, so why not with your FoxyPress store?!  Read through the tutorial and feel free to download our sample files at the end of […]

Easily Update Your Cart and Checkout Images

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Adding a final flare to your FoxyCart enabled site is always a good thing.  We’ve done this for many clients, one being Point, but now you can too!  Here are some instructions/tips to get you started. Step 1: Rebuild Your Images The images images listed below can be rebuilt in Photoshop to match your […]