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FoxyPress 0.3.4 Released

Some cool new features exist in FoxyPress today because of some great user requests. Here are some specifics, as well as the full changelog.

Packing Slip Wizard

One of our users brought up the fact that partial orders can be cumbersome to print our packing slips for and we had no way to do it, until now.  Settings are available to provide a default header image for your store, as well as a default message box that will appear in the footer.  This is helpful if you have copy that will appear on all slips.  The wizard can be found in the order management screen so you can choose an individual order and choose specific products to include on the slip, along with your custom footer message.  Preview it, then print it, and you’re done!  We provided support for bulk printing as well, so you can check multiple transactions and they will print completely(partial packing slips are not available in bulk mode).

SMTP Mail Settings

One thing I’ve found with our current hosting solution, is that mail() functions go through the server relay and we’re stuck waiting for emails for hours or even days depending on their email load and what route it ends up going through.  We’ve decided to fix that for our own sites, and hopefully for your own if you have SMTP mail capabilities on your host.  You will simply need to fill out your username, password, and mail server to take advantage of the SMTP mailing.  If you are receiving errors, we can try to give adequate support for your hosting needs, but we’ve added this with the most generic SMTP mail code possible.

Please read the important notes as well and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.  Don’t forget to rate us if you like our plugin!

Changelog for FoxyPress 0.3.4

  • Per user request, we’ve added a packing slip wizard to be used for partial orders. Handy for returns or back-ordered items.
  • Product grid can now be sorted by additional product attributes
  • HMAC Form Code added – no more form tampering : Courtesy of Brett from FoxyCart
  • Additional setting added to Manage Settings Page to control if our default FoxyPress stylesheet is included.
  • Per user request, SMTP Mail settings added to Manage Settings Page – useful for overcoming server relay trouble.
  • Added Quantity available in the product grid – hide from screen options if you do not need this.
  • Bugfix : New products now have the default category applied.
  • Bugfix: Showing correct price/sale price on manage products page now.
Important notes:
  • If you were reliant on FoxyPress styles before, please make sure you check out the additional styling checkbox in the settings page so you can include/exclude the default styles we’ve provided.
  • If using HMAC, make sure you enable it in the FoxyCart advanced settings area.
  • foxypress_GetProductForm() is now obsolete.  I have updated the product template tutorial to reflect this.

FoxyPress 0.3.3 Released

We’ve released a huge update for FoxyPress that should help you customize and take control of your store in a whole new way.  There is quite bit to cover, so we’ve outlined it all below for you.  In order to take advantage of the new FoxyPress custom post type functionality, you need to be up to the latest version of FoxyPress prior to this.  Download that version here if you are not on 0.3.2.

Please read the important notes as well and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Changelog for FoxyPress 0.3.3

  • WordPress Multi-site support – very important to read release notes on this.
  • Single Sign On Support for FoxyCart
  • Products are now custom post types – new look and feel
  • Inventory Management – utilizes WordPress grid for sorting/searching/quick and bulk edit
  • Ability to upload a featured product image
  • Ability to upload an image for a specific category
  • Added new option for image gallery management – can have lightbox, colorbox, or change in placeholder
  • We now have an API available so custom page templates can be created, as well as other functionality.  Check documentation in the release notes.
  • New shortcode for a search module. [FoxyPress mode=’search’]FoxyPress[/FoxyPress], as well as API method.
  • Subscription support to view/manage them, as well as create them as new products.
  • Order management “uncategorized” status is now “processing” and is editable
  • Added a new report for viewing order totals by product code
  • Status Management Email body is now a WYSIWYG editor
  • Default Category provided with FoxyPress is “Default” to match your FoxyCart store
  • FoxyPress Wizard is now available for first time users to help you get started easier.
  • Added documentation for API and entire functionality of FoxyPress
  • Added new FoxyPress templates throughout Demo Store for slider and daily deal functionality.
  • Added conversion tool to transfer all inventory into native WordPress tables.
Important notes:
  • We’ve supplied the stub classes for printing out an item, but it won’t completely match your theme as they are all different.  we suggest looking at the product styling notes here.